Yay! My second photo sale (after a year!)


I’ve finally got my 2nd photo sale (from istockphoto) after over a whole year. Pathetic I know… but I still only have 10 photos in my whole portfolio. Talk about the laziest microstocker ever… haha 🙂

(Of course I’ve sold more times than that if you consider all the partner programs which is run together with iStock, but officially, its the second). Wonder how many years until the third? 🙂

Since the photo was sold just a day before the newest member of the UK royal family was born, I’m sure it was bought for something related. So I have to thank the little one… haha

I don’t think I’ve posted it so far, but my first sale a year ago was being used as some marketing material for an fashion site. Next time I’ll put up a post on it just to brag a bit.

Anyway, hope the person who bought the second photo would put it to good use (and hopefully use it online so that I can find it). 🙂


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