Attempt to Venture into Shutterstock

Today I made my first attempt to apply for Shutterstock. Submitted the first 10 photos and waiting for the result. Below is a collage of the 10 photos I submitted:

Submitted - smaller

In truth, even if I get approved for Shutterstock as well, its not likely that I’ll be raking in the money at my rate of only producing one photo in about 3 months… haha. However, I might as well try to get into more platforms so that I will have more chance of selling the photos.

Well, let’s just say its the first challenge to an amatuer such as myself to try to get in to Shutterstock as well as iStockphoto. (According to a forum post*, there are about 35,000 contributors on Shutterstock (April 2013) and about 78,000 contributors in iStockphoto (June 2012)… so if I get in, I can probably call myself part of the 100k microstockers in the world… (albeit the one with the lowest productivity and profit… haha))

Anyway, we’ll probably have the result from Shutterstock in a few days time… I’ll update you guys when I get the result.



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