Weekly Photo Challenge: “Illumination”

Here are some photos I salvaged* from my London trip which kind of matches this week’s theme of “Illumination”:


My sister’s were in the way of the shot and wouldn’t walk out of the picture… oh well… (actually I didn’t really notice since it was raining at the time and my camera was getting soaked)


I have no clue what those buildings are… just attracted to the lights…


Well, when you travel over a few hours to get here and only have less than 30 minutes to take photos before the bus leaves… I guess you just have to make do with whatever lighting (or lack of) that you are given… here is my interpretation of the view of Stonehenge on 21st December 2012… winter solstice and coincidentally an important day in Mayan calendar…

  * For those that didn’t know, I had one of my memory cards wiped out so I lost a lot of valuable photos of places which I don’t know whether I will have another chance of going. Frustrating but there is nothing I could do once I’m back home. Oh well.

This is part of Weekly Photo Challenge (part of Post A Day 2012). If you want to see some microstock photo attempts instead, please do check out my approved stock photos by clicking here.

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