Weekly Photo Challenge: “Geometry”

I’m probably late for this theme of “Geometry”, but just took a photo last weekend where there were countless rectangles and triangles jumbled up in a photo. (Well it was actually a hastily taken photo while I was rushing between challenges in a photomarathon, but that is another story and will be told another time).

So the photo:

Actually, for the briefest of moments, I pondered over trying to submit this photo for microstock too (well, when you’re barren for submissions for over 5 months, almost anything you take you will start considering… haha). As such, I actually “cloned out” a security guard who was sitting there. Could you find where the security guard was originally sitting?

[P.S. BTW, I did submit two other photos to iStockphoto to try, pending results. I don’t have high hopes, but still hope that my next post will be with the “Upload Approvals” category instead of “Upload Rejections” one. **Fingers crossed**]

This is part of Weekly Photo Challenge (part of Post A Day 2012). If you want to see some microstock photo attempts instead, please do check out my approved stock photos by clicking here.


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