Walkabout Photo Session

Anyone had that experience when, after a whole day of photo taking, you couldn’t even find one photo which you can be proud off ? Unfortunately for me, that is more of a norm than an exception. So what I do is, I place them all together as a photo collage because:

  1. Everything looks better when lumped together (kind of like “The Cheerleader Effect” in “How I met your mother”)
  2. Each individual photos end up more like thumbnail size so you can’t really see the flaws

I wouldn’t want to be doing this all the time since I’d rather take nice photos instead (saves my time making the collage as well), but its the workaround I’m stuck with at the moment.

So do any of you have the same frustrating experience? How do you deal with the large quantity of photos that don’t really make the cut but are taking up a lot of space as RAW images? Do you usually learn from your mistakes immediately or do you find yourself repeating the same technical / compositional faults time after time?

P.S. For those wondering, the photos are taken in Singapore where I currently live.
P.P.S How many people here watches “How I Met Your Mother” and actually know what I’m talking about?


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