My second (first photo) sale

Just realised that the same photo which was my “first photo sale” was sold one more time in August. I’m really not keeping up to date with this thing much (because as you can see, the sales are coming in extremely slowly). On another note, until now, I still haven’t tried to upload another photo since my last rejection… so I’m still at 5 photos for my entire portfolio… got to improve on this!!!

Anyone else started microstock work recently and can share their experience with me?


2 thoughts on “My second (first photo) sale

  1. Whoa I’ve seen stock photo images come up on google before, but never heard of this before…microstock. Glad I found your website to learn about this. I’ve got jillions of pics…no make that jillions and jillions. I’ll have to look into this. What a cool blog to showcase what you’ve submitted.

    • Glad to hear that my blog is useful to someone. 🙂
      If you do join up istockphoto (or intend to), please let me know and do share your experiences here. I would love to find out more from fellow enthusiasts and it will also motivate me to improve.

      If there is anything you would like to know about the process of applying, feel free to ask me and I’ll share what I know 🙂

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