Well, it wouldn’t be much of a blog about photography if I only ever posted about photos that succeeded and don’t mention about those that failed. So to prevent this blog from being merely a platform for my bragging, here are some photos that I submitted directly after I got my first sale (in my last post) and got totally rejected. In truth, I also did not think these photos were technically adequate to make the cut, but since I did not have anything to post after almost 3 months of joining the iStockphoto site, I thought I’d give it a try. Anyway, enough with the excuses, here are the rejections (learning lessons for those who are also interested in stock photography):

Rejection 1 – Simple Doorway

Basically this was rejected for lack of clear subject focus and also failed to ensure uniform sharpness if it was a texture shot. This shot when viewed at 100% is really a bit out of focus so do take note when submitting your own photos for approval.

Rejection 2 – Church Facade with Stormy Skies

This was rejected for overfiltering which they described as over processing that affected the photo quality and also resulted in limited flexibility in the usage of the photo. Although I understood this before I submitted the photo, but since the photo itself before processing was quite bland, I was hoping to spruce it up to catch the buyer’s attention. Well, I guess I overdid it. They did allow me to resubmit this though, but I wonder if it will garner another rejection if I do. I’ll ponder a bit over this one.

These rejections were almost 3 weeks ago, but I’ve been busy and didn’t have time to take any more photos or post on this blog until now. Hope you learnt something too. So do you have any stock photography experience to share? Do you know any friends who just started on this as well? Do share your experiences here as well as I would love to learn from fellow enthusiasts.


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