Yay! My first photo sale!

Yay! My first photo sale!

Yay! I just realised that I received my first stock photo sale! Despite not uploading anything since two months ago when I first started and only having a portfolio of merely 5 photos, I guess I’m damn lucky to be at least able to get one sale! 🙂

Although it merely sold for USD$5.85 (SGD$7.37), of which I only get a mere USD$0.88, but its nice to know that there is someone out there who would still pay money to buy one of my photos.

And to top it off, this photo was only taken while I was babysitting my son at a department store waiting for my wife to finish shopping (for baby stuff). Glad that even this could be useful for someone 🙂

Hope I will have many more photo sales to come… but to be realistic, that first sale took 2 months, so I guess I better stop being lazy and start expanding my portfolio if I was to have any chance at even a second sale… haha.


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