Anyone have this problem?

I’m sure most amatuer photographers have experienced some of the following before:

  1. You witness a great unexpected photo op develop just in front of you, but you don’t have your camera with you… DOH!
  2. You come across something unique or what you don’t see every day, but the ambient lighting is horrible… DOH!
  3. You have your camera with you, you see a good subject, but your baby is crying (or some other urgent/important task) and needs your immediate attention… DOH!

Well, 1 and 2 can generally be solved if you actually work as a photographer so you’ll almost always have your gear with you (and have proper lighting gear) as well… but for amatuers like me, everytime I encounter the first two conditions, I lament that my passion for photography is merely half-assed…. Reminder to self to improve so that I can produce more work for submission in future (this weekend was barren, all three conditions happened to me at some point…)

(Of course, the baby part did result in some good personal photos for my baby… so it wasn’t all bad… haha… just nothing for stock)


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